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In The Community

LDI believes that being a successful company means having a responsibility to the greater community and environment!

Social Responsibility

LDI is committed to support not for profit and community-based organizations with direct philanthropy and pro bono services, including direct placement of copiers/printers at no charge. We proudly support charities by participating at events, making donations, providing printing, and much more.

Our commitment and contributions are an integral part of our management structure, staff training, client education and corporate training. LDI proudly supports the following organizations:

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Green and Sustainability

LDI wants you to green up! As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we seek to align office technology, service and support with eco-friendly initiatives and practices throughout our company. Learn more about our efforts and how you can make your business energy efficient and sustainable.

LDI seeks to align office technology, service and support with sustainability initiatives. Green and sustainability awareness are communicated and promoted to all employees, business partners, customers and prospects through our programs to educate, renew and recycle.

Our manufacturing partners, including Canon, Sharp, HP, and Toshiba have great Cartridge Recycling Programs where customers can recycle their empty cartridges at little or no cost.

Energy Management/ Technology Solutions
LDI has invested in:
• ENERGY STAR appliances/machinery in all our offices
• Machines that are set to duplex printing & secure print, which saves paper, toner & ink
• Machines that use sleep modes and instant-on technology that lower energy consumption

LDI offers:
• Print Assessments, such as FM Audits, to evaluate our clients’ current imaging and printing environments
• These audits help LDI’s clients reduce document production costs & more effectively manage their equipment fleet

Internal Sustainability & Waste Reduction
LDI has invested in:
• Organic materials for all our offices, including paper towels, cutlery, cups, plates, coffee, and cleaning products
• Recycling within each of our offices
• Energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting in our offices
• Office managers remove LDI from junk-mail lists to conserve paper

Energy Management Projects
LDI is a member of:
• CDC’s Waste-to-Energy Program, in which we recycle used coffee K-cups and tea pods that are sent to a plant and turned into electric energy

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